Is getting dental implants expensive?

To have a sweet tooth is one of our habits that is certainly evident to us. When we were kids, we loved candies and chocolates. As we grew older, the love for desserts became our daily dose of pleasure after a heavy meal. Any excess intake can cause problems in our mouth, especially our teeth. Too much sugar intake can cause tooth decay and cavities if we don’t pay attention to our dental care needs. The worst thing to happen if these cases get severe is tooth removal. If that happens to you, you may consider replacing a removed wisdom tooth with a new one with a dental implant procedure. 


The Dental Standard is a dental clinic that you can trust with dental implants which are affordable and reasonably priced. You don’t have to worry because this procedure is not too expensive. The price varies depending on your dental care needs. One example of a procedure is the Front Single Tooth Implant and Crown (No Bone Grafting) which can cost you a fixed price of $4799. That is a reasonable price for a single tooth implant. Worry no more about the price, Dental Standard fixed pricing has the best affordable services in town. Check out their website for more information about their fixed-priced dental care services. Keep on reading for more dental care ideas and information about dental implants.

How much should I pay for a dental implant?

It is a kick in the teeth if you found out that you have been asked to pay hidden charges without prior information about it. That is why you should know the right pricing in every service that you render like a dental implant. To give you an idea, the Dental standard is charging $3999 with its Back Front Single Tooth Implant and Crown(No Bone Grafting) procedure. It is a reasonable fixed-priced compared to the $6000 price from other dentists. As a patient, you need to be vigilant with the pricing because some clinics are overpricing their services. The more you become observant with the pricing, the more you can save money from overpricing services of dental clinics. To have a reference, check out the prices of dental implant procedures from The Dental Standard.

  • Front Single tooth Implant and Crown ( No Bone Grafting) –  $4799
  • Back Front Single Tooth Implant and Crown ( No Bone Grafting) – $3999
  • All on 4 – $19, 990

How much should dental implants cost in 2021?

The price of dental implants varies from the type of procedure that is appropriate to your needs. Make sure to not worry about replacing your removed tooth. Your smile is so important to your family and loved ones. You can always find affordable prices regarding your dental implants. And how much these implants may cost in the future depends on the economy and the regulation of the government regarding prices of services. 

The Dental Standard is one of the best clinics that you can visit and trust with the right pricing and services for your dental implants. If you’re wondering how much will dental plants cost in 2021, take it from the pricing mentioned from the Dental Standard. 

You don’t have to worry about pricing, if it is about recovering your damaged smiles, then it will always be worth it to have a dental implant. It may cost you a price ranging from $4799 to $19, 990, but know that these prices from Dental Standard may change based on the law and instruction of the regulatory agency regarding dental care needs. Go out and have a new smile. Replace those removed teeth.


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